Meet the Team

We never stop. This may seem like a cliche, but just ask the people who know us and they will say that we are always striving to learn and to make the world a better place.

Cindy Sorensen - Founder and CEO

Cindy began her career in the grocery industry 35 years ago, focusing in the areas of CPG sales, sales management, category management, and strategic planning and leadership. She is a member of the board of directors for Women Grocers of America (WGA). In 2017, Cindy was recognized as the WGA “Woman of the Year” She writes a monthly column in The Shelby Report and Abasto magazines and is a Willard (Bill) Bishop “Brick Meets Click” Black Belt contributing her opinion and feedback on various industry issues.  She teaches Food and Agricultural Sales at the University of Minnesota.

Christine Walsh - CMO

Like Cindy, Christine began her career in the grocery industry 35 years ago, but she focused in the areas of research, marketing, merchandising and education with food retailers and wholesalers. Christine is the co-chair of the college outreach committee for the Network of Executive Women. She has also delivered numerous industry presentations at national and regional food conference and contributed articles to food magazines as well as online websites and blogs. Christine teaches research and marketing related classes for Concordia University in St. Paul.

Rebecca Manges - CDO

Rebecca is very well-rounded in the food industry with experience in restaurant marketing, CPG marketing and non-profit business development. She has experience with brand development, brand strategy, sales growth, advertising and digital landscape. Rebecca is focused on the user experience to maximize the collaboration of website and social media. We are all consumers of information and making that information intuitive to find, helpful and connective, is key for the industry and consumers.